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If you have been dreaming of having your own exhibition then you are in the right place.  On this course we walk you through the steps from finding a venue, assessing the suitability of your art to the hosting space, managing costs, promoting the event all the way through to the opening night

About this course

Putting on an exhibition can be an effort if you are still in the early stages of your art career.  We’ve been there.  You want to realise your dream of being an exhibiting artist and you probably want to do that right NOW. Or maybe you want to start earning from your art work so you can edge out of the day job.

We’ve created an online course with a structure and guidance that helps you start getting out there and showing your work without waiting for a gallery to take you on.

This online course is specifically for artists who want to start showing their work more regularly and are keen to find opportunities to make it happen their own way.

About Gita Joshi

Gita Joshi is a Central London art dealer at the award winning Orso Major Gallery in London’s Waterloo.  She has a background in art history and has mounted numerous exhibitions both at the gallery in SE1 and at various sites around London.  She is a Trustee for Camberwell Arts Festival – the UK’s oldest visual arts festival and is passionate about getting artists out of the studio and in front of audiences who will appreciate their work.

Course Content

Modules 1-3  Getting Started

Modules 1-3 are about finding suitable opportunities to exhibit and venues to host your art exhibition. It’s more than finding some blank walls, as we take you through the various options.  We’ll look at compatibility of art work in different spaces and what to look for when scouting for a space.

Finding a venue to host your exhibition

Venue considerations

Suitability of your art to the hosting space

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Modules 4-6    Time and Money

This section is all about laying the foundations for your exhibition.  We go through timing and scheduling for the best turnout of visitors, approaching venues in a way that makes it easy for them to agree to your show, and managing the costs for the exhibition.

Timing considerations

How to approach venues for your art show

Budgeting for your exhibition

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Modules 7-9    Spreading the word

Here we will look at the different ways to market your exhibition so you can get the best visitor turnout once the doors open. It’s all about getting people talking about your show even before it starts.

Marketing your exhibition offline

Online marketing for your art show

Writing the press release

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Modules 10-12    Hang and Welcome

Modules 10, 11 and 12 go through hanging and display options for maximum effect, being prepared for the exhibition days ahead, and best practice for your Private View


Hanging the art works

Materials at the event

The Private View or opening night

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