From Studio to Retail

An online course for designer makers

A step by step guide to

taking your home made crafts to retail


If you started a craft hobby and gifted those things to people and have received wonderful feedback and maybe it got you to thinking about selling them – and being paid for them – then you’re in the right place.

About this course

Taking your home made crafts to market can be daunting but this online course shows you how you can do that in simple steps even if you have never done that before. Whether you’re making greetings cards, cushion covers, jewellery or scented candles the process to getting to market is the same. So if you’re ready to make money from your crafts this course will teach you how to turn your hobby into a business.

We’ll go through all the steps you need to make sure you have a strong online presence, build an audience, and sell your work to the right people who are enthusiastic about your work.

We’ve created an online course specifically for designer makers in the early stages of their career who want to start selling their beautiful hand made items both online and offline. The course has a structure and guidance that helps you start getting out there and selling your work to a willing audience

About Gita Joshi

Gita Joshi is a Central London art dealer at the award winning Orso Major Gallery in London’s Waterloo.  She has a background in art history and has mounted numerous exhibitions both at the gallery in SE1 and at various sites around London.  She is a Trustee for Camberwell Arts Festival – the UK’s oldest visual arts festival and is passionate about getting artists out of the studio and in front of audiences who will appreciate their work.

Course Content

From Studio to Retail

In this online course we’ll cover how to create the perfect product description for your handmade items, taking great images that represent your work at their best, and setting yourself up online. I’ll help you identify your target audience, work our your pricing and we’ll cover branding which is essential to selling your work to the right people,

Then once you have the background work in place, we’ll look at your options for selling both online and offline and how to navigate finding stockists for your work if you choose to sell wholesale to retailers.

So if that sounds like the sort of help you need from taking your crafts from the home studios or kitchen table, to earning an income from work I am guessing you love making, then sign up below and you’ll receive a free pricing calculator to help you work out your production costs and wholesale pricing. And of course, I’ll let you know as soon as the course is ready.


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