Gallery ready in 6 easy steps

A six part program to get you from Studio to Gallery


You’re a talented artist
It makes you feel vibrant and fulfilled
You’ve honed your skills, developed your own visual language and sold through your studios
But you’re not on those gallery walls where you deserve to be

You’re unhappy that no one recognises your talent and your work gathers dust in the studio, leaving you feeling unfulfilled.

And fear that galleries will turn you down; even the idea of rejection makes you wince.

In fact, you’re not even sure what to say when approaching a gallery or what they will expect and so you put it all off another month.

It is time to step out of the shadows, and you might even be wondering if it can be done.
Maybe your DEEP desires that you dare not say out loud include success, acceptance of career choice, recognition of your talent, and cheerleaders in the form of gallerists.
And then you think why do some artists get chosen and others don’t?

So let’s imagine this

  • Seeing your work on gallery walls, alongside artists whose work you admire.
  • Showing up a private view with your work on display and
  • Being introduced as one of the gallery artists.
How does that make you feel? Accepted, validated, excited? It should do!
It is such an exciting experience to start working with a gallery, a real step in being a pro and often a major goal for an artist. It can be the start of along term working relationship and you can expect to be regularly compensated for your work.
Imagine that, being paid for doing work you love!
Plus those naysayers… well this’ll teach them to doubt your drive and talent!

So how do you get there?

For artists who are FINALLY prepared to step up and be compensated, appreciated for their talents, work with people who have a real interest in what they do, and never feel ignored (or broke) again, I’ve created a program to get you there.

Because you want to go pro with your art life, I’m going to help you

  • communicate your work in words, making it easy for galleries to understand, and in turn sell your work
  • Present your experience as a credible exhibiting artist
  • Get your digital presence polished so you cant be ignored
  • Help you get clear on who you already know that can get you that foot in the door
  • Get clear on the value you bring to any gallery, and present yourself as a professional artist, by giving you’re the tools and insights in to how galleries work


This is the bridge between where you are and where you want to be, so let’s get this show on the road.


Tell me more about the course

Getting Gallery Ready is a new online course that I have created to help you take your work from STUDIO to GALLERY.

I’ve put together a training course that takes you through all the steps you need to have in place before working with a gallery.
And then what you need to be doing to make it a successful working relationship.

  • We start with articulating and communicating your work through the artists statement & bio. When you can communicate your work easily and succinctly, then it makes it easy for a gallerist to understand and more importantly, easier to talk about to potential buyers. I’ll be giving you feedback on your statements so you’re happy to share your message with the world!


  • Galleries are usually looking for artists who have a proven track record, it demonstrates the artists’ commitment to their chosen path. So the next thing we cover in the program is your CV. And if your exhibiting history is short of experience, no problem; this section is about ways you can grow that experience and exposure before approaching a gallery.


  • Then we cover your digital presence; both your website and social media. Whenever you meet someone new, they are likely to look you up, and even though you might apply to a gallery with all the info they ask for, what will they find when they go and look you up online? This section of the program is all about making giving you a strong and congruent online presence.


  • When you work with a gallery you will be expected to take on some of the marketing and promotion,  It is a relationship after all. So in this section we look at how to build your own audience so that this becomes an asset in your business that you can take into any partnership with a gallery. And it becomes an audience for any future projects you take on, with or without a gallery.


  • We also discuss organising your work so you are presenting the appropriate work to each gallery you approach.  Too many times I have been approached by artists who present a diverse portfolio and it is not clear what I should be looking at. In this section we look at organising your online portfolio / website, and directing the conversation to set bodies of work, making it easier for the gallerist to make a decision.


  • The program will also cover confidence, getting clear on what you want from a gallery relationship, researching and building relationships with galleries before approaching them for representation, and using the experience to continue working with several galleries.  One of the worst emails I had from an artist simply had 4 words “What do you think?”  She had no idea what she was presenting or what she wanted, and this just created work for me  (I don’t need more work people!)   I want to give you the tools to present yourself as a professional artist, one who knows what they want and present yourself accordingly. The private classroom is going to be a place we can iron out anything that doesn’t serve you to reach that goal.
Finally we go through what to expect once you do start working together, and what galleries WON”T do.
This program is more than just getting you working with galleries, it is also giving you a skillset to TOTALLY uplevel your art life and give you the freedom to focus on doing work you love.
The program is presented in videos and downloadable PDFs over 6 weeks, with a private Facebook classroom for discussion, and where you can interact with the other students.

So let’s get started, and let me help you

place your work with galleries

About Gita Joshi



I am an award winning art dealer and created this course to help artists improve their success when approaching galleries. I trained in curating at Central St Martins, London and have a background in art history. I’ve worked for Royal Commissions and architects practices, as well as organising The Camberwell Open – an open exhibition in South London, ran the artist’s open house program in Camberwell, and host the Empowering Artists podcast.


I have a full time job is this something I can do in my free time?

Absolutely! You can do the course at your own pace, and fit it in around your other commitments. Many of the artists I work with and in my closed Facebook group are not full time artists -yet.
For maximum benefit though, I do recommend you set aside time each week to work through the materials without rushing.

Will the course give me anything I can’t already find on the internet for free?

They say time is money, so how much time do you have to spend looking around the internet?
This course will make it quicker for you, providing all the relevant information in one place. Plus checklists and templates not available elsewhere. More importantly it will give you direct access to me and experts with industry knowledge, so you can get feedback, support and your questions answered.

How long is the course?
The course is made up of 6 lessons delivered weekly and you can be working through them at your own pace. It is designed to give you the skillset to find and work with galleries, as well as building on this so that you can take this experience into other projects later on.

Is this course right for me?
The program is best suited to those visual artists who have a strong desire to release their creations to the world, are ready to invest in themselves and their talents in order to uplevel their businesses, gain increased confidence in presenting themselves and their work and know they deserve increased exposure for their art, Plus they’re excited to work with an industry expert and see the value in doing the work

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