If you have been busy planning your open studios event or your own exhibition then you need to make the effort pay.  On this course we walk you through the steps to getting confident talking about your work, talking to visitors to your event and nurturing those conversations through to a sale.

Don’t worry if you’re don’t have the typical “sales person” characteristics, on this course you’ll learn simple mindfulness techniques to help you gain clarity and confidence to grow your sales authentically

 About this course

Selling art, especially your own art can feel daunting if you haven’t done it before. We’ve been there!  You want to realise your dream of having collectors for your art that return over and over again. And most likely you want to earn from your art so you can work on it full time.

We’ve created this 70 minute online course with a structure and guidance that helps you start talking about your work with authenticity, an approach that serves the customer without feeling salesy and how to effectively communicate your value.

This online course is put together by art dealer, Gita Joshi and sales trainer, Anis Qizilbash, specifically for artists who want to start selling their work to an audience or enthusiastic buyers.


About Gita Joshi

Gita Joshi is a Central London art dealer at the award winning Orso Major Gallery in London’s Waterloo.  She has a background in art history and has mounted numerous exhibitions both at the gallery in SE1 and at various sites around London.  She is a Trustee for Camberwell Arts Festival – the UK’s oldest visual arts festival and is passionate about getting artists out of the studio and in front of audiences who will appreciate their work.

About Anis Qizilbash

Anis Qizilbash has more than 18 years of sales experience selling to street traders, investment banks, and governments.  She has sold retail, advertising and sponsorship training to startups and corporates.

This experience led her to start Mindful Sales Training where she helps entrepreneurs, creatives and freelancers with no prior sales experience, learn the skills they need to grow their sales.  She is the author of Grow Your Sales, Do What You Love: Mindful Selling for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers.

Course Content

Lesson 1  The Visitor Experience

Lesson 1 is about the visitor experience and setting up your show space to make the visitor feel comfortable and at ease.

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 Lesson 2     Why Buyers Buy

This section is all about the psychology of influence and motivating someone to take action.  When you understand what’s going on in a buyer’s head, you’re informed to deal with it. In this lesson you will learn about why buyers buy and the psychology of influence so that you can effectively sell to people.

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Lesson 3   No more fear of selling

This section also includes guidance on figuring out what you want from your exhibition and your art career.  Sales is about your customer but it starts with you. How you think affects how you feel, what you say, and the results you get. In this lesson you’ll learn how to overcome nerves, and tricks to boost your confidence so you can sell more.


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Lesson 4   Talking about your work and closing the sale

In this lesson you learn how to talk about you and your work in a way that resonates with people, and how to close sales without crumbling.  We also cover the common mistakes that scare off buyers so that you can avoid them!

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Lesson 5  Taking Payments

Lesson 5 goes through your options for taking the all important payments for sales of your art work. We’ll cover what you need to have in place before you open your doors, so that you can set yourself up for taking payments easily and effectively.

I’m Sold!  Get access to the online course now for only £47


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